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Summer Tires

Summer Tires: A Detailed Guide

Summer tires are particularly developed to perform well in hot weather and warm climates. They usually have less tread than all-season or winter tires. These compounds can handle more heat and wear less at higher temperatures, where they will have the best lateral (and longitudinal) grip and greater responsiveness because they will not have as much roll as softer compounds.

Summer tires require certain rubber formulations and tread designs. Because these tires rely on their road-to-rubber ratio to offer enough grip in wet and dry circumstances, their tread materials may primarily focus on heat resistance.

These are specially engineered to provide the best and superior performance during warm temperatures or when the road conditions are dry or wet. The prime objective of summer tires is that they produce more specific performance.

How Long Do Summer Tires Last?

A summer tire will most likely last 20,000 to 40,000 km, or roughly half the lifespan of an all-season tire. This is due to the gripping compound, and they often have narrower tread blocks, resulting in less material to wear through. Remember that these tires rarely come with a treadwear warranty.

What Temperatures Are Best for Summer Tires?

7°c is an excellent starting point to remember. Summer tires perform optimally at temperatures of 7°c or above. Summer tires should be used when temps regularly rise above this level and removed when conditions fall below.

Can You Use Summer Tires in Winter?

Summer rubber should not be exposed to chilly temperatures. In winter (below 7°c), the hot-weather compound will solidify like a block of ice.

Furthermore, the thin tread lacks the characteristics of a winter tire, which clutches frozen surfaces and ejects snow from the blocks. If security isn’t enough reason to avoid using summer tires in the incorrect season, consider that cold temperatures shorten the life of these tires.

What Pressure Should You Set for Summer Tires?

The recommended pressure listed on the sticker on the driver’s-side door jamb will function properly as long as you use summer tires the same size as the rubber that came with your automobile.

When driving at high speeds, like on a track, increasing the cold tire temperature by a few psi might be beneficial for extra stress and deflection. The figure will be determined by the tire’s speed rating and the speed you want to drive. To avoid overinflation, consult your owner’s manual and remain below the maximum pressure on the tire’s sidewall.

Pros and Cons of Summer Tires

No. Pros Cons
1. Warm-weather wet and dry traction Higher fuel consumption
2. Greater responsiveness to steering directions Not suitable for freezing temperatures
3. High-speed performance Available in high-performance tires
4. Stronger wet traction and hydroplaning resistance Short tread life

Can Cold Weather Reduce the Efficiency of Summer Tires?

A major reason summer tires are not suited for winter weather or freezing temperatures is that they are assembled with components meant for hot weather. In the summertime, they provide excellent flexibility and traction. Still, they solidify and virtually “freeze” in cold temperatures. As a result, the tire tread cannot interact effectively with the road surface, and the grip is weakened. In fact, with temperatures below 10°c, some UHP tires are not advised.

We recommend not using summer tires under harsh conditions. As we all know, Canadian weather is unpredictable.

Brands That Manufacture Summer Tires

Summer tires are designed for speed and agility and suit high-performance automobiles. They provide improved response, turning, and braking capabilities. This is usually due to specialized tread patterns and rubber compositions that enable greater accuracy on the road. Summer tires feature less grooving and more rubber in touch with the road.

Here is the list of some summer tire manufacturers:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Cooper
  • Goodyear
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • BF Goodrich
  • Yokohama
  • Hankook

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