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Goodyear Tires in Halton Hills, ON

Goodyear Tires

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Goodyear began in 1898 when Frank Seiberling started making bicycle tires. The company moved into the horseless carriage market, then moved into the automobile space. They now produce a huge variety of tires including winter, all-season, performance, ultra-high performance, light truck, and all terrain tires.

Goodyear focuses on making innovations to continually grow their product line. Did you know Goodyear created the all-season tire in the 1970’s? All their tires are subject to extensive testing to ensure performance, reliability and consumer safety.

Goodyear has several specialty tires, some that are used by police services. They are considered a leader in technology with their run flat and low rolling resistance tires as well as their fuel-efficient models now available. Not only do they create tires for vehicles, but they also manufacture tires for agriculture, commercial, mining, earthmovers, aviation, ATV, industrial, military, racing and even lawn and garden equipment! Call today to see what Goodyear model is best for your driving habits.

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