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Welcome to Halton Auto Service & Transmission Milton!

Owned and operated by Ron Kulla, Halton Auto Service & Transmission was born in 1988! Fast forward to today, and Halton Transmission has multiple locations throughout the Mississauga and the Milton region.

We’re proud to have auto repair technicians who have been with Halton Auto Service & Transmission since it’s inception in 1988. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team has been the main component in us becoming the area’s leader in both auto repair and transmission repair.

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Our Customer Reviews

Amazing service, honest, very friendly. There’s nothing negative at all with this shop. If you’re new in the city looking for a shop, this is it.

Richie Tith May 5, 2024

Honest and fairly priced. 10/10 service and staff

Alexey Novikov Apr 4, 2024

Great group of mechanics. Adam always takes good care of his customers.

Stylist V Akins Apr 4, 2024

I had a very positive experience at Halton Auto Service after getting stranded outside Toronto, while trying to get back home to the States. Two other shops had looked at my car the day before and misdiagnosed my concerns as a non-issue, and I still felt at risk while driving. I arrived at Halton Auto first thing on a weekday morning without an appointment, but they listened to my situation and concerns about my vehicle and immediately were able to begin diagnosing and working on the problem. They were very kind and polite, gave me clear and thorough information at every step, and didn't try to nickel and dime me. I was able to be back on the road feeling safe in my car again by noon. The cost for parts and labor was also very reasonable, and I'm incredibly grateful for the speed and care they took with my car, given the situation. Overall a positive experience in the midst of a stressful moment. Thank you!

Jasmine Robb Apr 4, 2024

Great service and costumer service is fantastic. Would strongly recommend.

Ben Tracy Mar 3, 2024

I needed a brake light bulb replaced and had already ordered a new bulb. I called around a few places who either wouldn't give me an estimate on the phone or quoted $100+ (that's 16 times the parts cost!!) or gave me appointment options several days out. I called Halton Auto Service & Transmission and they were so kind and told me to just come by right there and then at no cost. They replaced my bulb in just a few minutes and were so courteous and kind. As someone who usually feels so intimidated going into a mechanic and bullied into services, I so appreciated the kindness and service here. I'll be coming back for all my car needs from here on out! Thank you Halton Auto Service & Transmission!

Sheri Soliman Mar 3, 2024

I started taking mine and my husbands cars into Halton transmission as a referal from Adam Redmond a local accountant. I usually hate taking my car into a shop.. but Adam at Halton transmission is so nice and friendly, I don’t feel out of place at all going in. Highly recommend!

Christine Fredricks Mar 3, 2024

I have had the most wonderful experience with Halton Auto Transmission. My car battery died on me while I was trying to delivery 5 heavy boxes to deliver to the client. Not to miss it was the day of icy rain and not a pleasent time to be outside. Adam was very helpful. He came to my location, jumpstarted my car and helped me get to his location. They replaced the battery in no time. And I could go about doing my deliveries. Adam and Halton Auto Transmission are the best place to go to in Milton.

Aliya Khurram Jan 1, 2024

Echoing the numerous reviews already posted, Adam and the team at Halton Auto Service & Transmission provide top notch customer service, second to none in my experience. For my latest visit, not only did they quickly fix my original issue with my vehicle, but they also completed an additional last-minute request that I asked for at no charge. I highly recommend this shop!

Paul Marttila Jan 1, 2024

Adam looked at my wife's Audi and did some work and reset the fault NO CHARGE was not expected by much appreciated. 3rd time I have rec'vd EXCELLENT customer care work has been done on my truck for under $150 that a dealer quoted needing $5000 of repairs. Another reason all my service is done at this shop

Mark Flood Dec 12, 2023

Adam & the team took great care of us when our Santa Fe engine had to be replaced - which is understandably a frustrating and costly repair. We had already been super frustrated dealing with Hyundai directly so it was a relief that Adam was so great, patient, helpful, got us a better price, did quality work and managed our expectations under the circumstances really well. Everyone we talked to at the shop was really great but 5 stars goes to Adam who could teach classes on great customer which is especially hard to come from these days! Thanks to the whole team, we highly recommend.

Allison Clark-Hilson Dec 12, 2023

My go to since moving to Milton. The staff is always willing to help and will give you honest conversations. Willing to find alternatives and go the extra mile to save you more money.

Daniel Marinovic Dec 12, 2023

Adam and his team took the awful experience of breaking your transmission around the holidays and made it a pleasant and educational one. He took the time to explain exactly what happened and what to expect with the repairs on my car including an accurate estimate from the start. I also appreciate how the store does an assessment after you drive your car for a bit to ensure that everything is functioning as planned. Bonus: had the pleasure of being gifted a poinsettia as we were leaving. Customer service went above and beyond - highly recommend this shop!

Sabrina Curutan Dec 12, 2023

Great place! Exceptional service and the crew is fast. If you are looking for an auto shop in Milton, this is the place to go!

Steven Chmurzynski Dec 12, 2023

Friendly and professional service.

Tim Dunkley Dec 12, 2023

I had a really good experience with Halton Auto Service. Adam was very knowledgable in explaining all the options for my car. They rebuilt my transmission and now my car runs great.

Chris Rezner Nov 11, 2023

Excellent service.

Christopher Gilmore Oct 10, 2023

Adam was very professional and took the time to drive my car to help diagnose what I thought was a transmission problem. I was pleasantly surprised when I wasn't charged for the diagnostic time. I will definitely recommend this shop for an honest answer to whatever your transmission service needs might be.

Rick Duerden Oct 10, 2023

Mystery solved! Thank you Adam and team for quickly finding and resolving the mystery clunking (in a matter of hours) that 3 other dealerships weren't even able to identify. Customer service was outstanding, fast and very professional. Would highly recommend!

Janet McCracken Oct 10, 2023

Called them October 2nd, and from the moment I heard Eddie on the phone I knew this was a great business. He was helpful, kind and honest. The technicians that assessed & looked after my concern went above and beyond. I will absolutely take my car there again. I highly recommend this business.

Wendy Brunelle Oct 10, 2023

Halton is the best . they are quick , fair, and explain everything , and never pressure you to do anything .

tim bentley Sep 9, 2023

The only downside is they are always so busy it can take awhile to get work done. They obviously do a great job and l will continue to give them my business.

Chris H Jul 7, 2023

Took my vehicle there after another shop indicated the transmission was faulty. Without hesitation Adam performed a diagnostic, at no charge, and concluded it was a misfire in one of the engine cylinders. A simple spark plug replacement was all it required. In this day and age of scams and misrepresentations HALTON Transmission demonstrated they are a professional and fair shop. I highly recommend HALTON transmission. The level of service I received that day was above and beyond. Thank-you Adam, you saved my family and I a tremendous amount of money and stress.

Shane Cornison Jun 6, 2023

They are honest and provide great service. Highly recommended !

zaid zabalawi Jun 6, 2023

I was in the shop Monday (May 15) asking if they had time to check a few areas of concern. We are leaving on a long drive Saturday and had some concerns about the health of our transmission. They were booked tight for 2 weeks but fit my 2007 BMW X3 in for a check up. We really appreciated the service, we feel much better about our long drive this weekend. Highly recommend Halton Auto and Transmission for your auto service! Thank you

Paul Hollingshead May 5, 2023

No one likes to do unplanned service but their team is great to work with and they do great work. Just go, they'll take care of you.

George Kotsopoulos May 5, 2023

Very professional and honest. Above and beyond levels customer service.

Hisham T Apr 4, 2023

Adam and Eddy was very professional and repaired my car in a timely manner

Errol Stewart Apr 4, 2023


Corey Warren Mar 3, 2023

I called 30 mins before close on a Friday and arrived at the shop about 10 mins AFTER close. Still, Adam and his team checked out our car, provided a diagnosis AND topped off the engine oil. Very impressed as first-time customers. Highly recommend.

Yoana Kowlessar Mar 3, 2023

Always get the best and affordable service from Adam, Eddie and the team at Halton Auto Service .👍

john torelli Mar 3, 2023

Very pleased with the tire repair/service received.

Anees Hamid Dec 12, 2022

We have always used Halton in Mississauga, but used Milton today. Awesome service, thank you so much.

Verna Hopkins Feb 2, 2023

Great guys, great job always and very knowledgeable. Adam is indeed a professional when dealing with customers. You feel the difference after your car is fixed 👌

Khemraj Sagar Jan 1, 2020

Adam is a great guy to have as he takes care of our fleet of work vehicles. The company is professional, family run, and really gets our stuff in and out as quickly as possible. I have and will recommend this company to friends and family. Thanks!

Morgan Jun 6, 2022

Been bringing my vehicles to Adam and his team for about 8 years now, quality work for great prices. Recently brought my bmw 335i in for some services very happy with the service.

Andrew Praticante Feb 2, 2023

Great service. Friendly staff. Thorough checks and gave recommendations.

Neville Roberts Jan 1, 2023

Great service, Adam really worked with us to find the best cost effective solution to our transmission issues. Follow up was great. Definitely will be going again in the future for other services for my car. Car is now running great! Thanks! Celine

Celine Levesque Jan 1, 2023

Your search for your go-to auto mechanic shop in Milton ends here. Adam and the team at Halton Auto Service are highly recommended! They're great at what they do, very trustworthy, and provide exceptional service. It's hard to find a shop that you can trust. Most of the time you're cautious about being overcharged and/or unnecessary extra work/repairs done on your vehicle. You don't have to worry about all this at Halton Auto Service & Transmission. One time my check engine light came on so I called Adam. He said to drop by so he can check the error code. He did (for free) and the code indicated a problem with my catalytic converter. Adam cleared the code and informed me that it could be a fluke so best to check if it comes on again and that the car is safe to drive. After a few days, the engine light came on again so I took the car to the shop to confirm it was the same error code. It was, so I booked an appointment to have the car checked and fixed. Before I left, Adam advised me to call the dealership to check my emissions warranty. He said catalytic converters are costly plus you’ll get an original one at the dealership…why pay us when you can get it replaced and fixed for free. Wow! What a stand-up guy! I checked with the dealership and the car is out of warranty. So I went ahead with my appointment at Halton to get the car fixed. After a few hours, Adam calls me to tell me they’ve checked the vehicle and there’s nothing wrong with the car. No exhaust leaks so no need to change the catalytic converter and it could just be the sensors. Told me to continue to drive it and if the check engine light comes on again then let’s replace the sensors. I asked him how much I owed. He said no charge for this one. Wow! Forgot to mention that they dropped me off at home from the shop and picked me up when the car was ready. This place is unbelievable! Another quick story, I did my winter tire swap with them last month and during that visit went home with a potted plant for my wife (Adam does this charity drive with a flower shop). Adam and the team are the best! I've only been going to their shop for less than 6 months and this is my experience. If you’re looking for a shop in and around the Milton area, go to Halton Auto Service & Transmission.

Kristian S Jan 1, 2023

Very pleased with the service I received. I was dealt with honestly and respectfully and the service/ repair was completed quickly. As a result, I was able to save a considerable amount of money! I would recommend them .

Dave Price Jan 1, 2023

Very helpful staff

Saeed Khan Jan 1, 2023

Amazing service. Very honest and reliable.

Dennis Manzanares Dec 12, 2022
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