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All Weather Tires

What Are All-Weather Tires?

All-weather tires are a type of tire designed to provide reliable performance in various weather conditions throughout the year. Unlike all-season tires that are optimized for moderate climates, all-weather tires are specifically engineered to handle both summer and winter conditions, making them a versatile option for drivers in regions with unpredictable weather patterns.

All-weather tires feature a tread design that balances wet and dry traction, as well as snow and ice grip. They often have deeper tread depths, larger sipes, and more aggressive tread patterns compared to all-season tires. This allows them to provide enhanced traction on wet roads, better handling in dry conditions, and improved grip in light to moderate snow and icy surfaces.

All-weather tires provide a convenient year-round solution for drivers who want reliable performance in various weather conditions without the need for tire changes during different seasons.

Components of All-Weather Tires

All-weather tires can be comprised of the following parts:

  • Tread
  • Jointless cap plies
  • Steel cord for belt plies
  • Inner liner
  • Sidewall
  • Bead enforcement

Comparison Chart Between All-Weather and Winter Tires

Sr No. All-weather tires Winter tires
1. Such tires meet all the standards for summer and winter driving. Best-suited for icy and snow conditions.
2. Alpine symbol (Three peak mountain and snowflake symbol) It has a thick and blocky tread pattern
3. Tread blocks are superior on wet roads and have a clear edge on icing roads. The braking system is 25.7 m.
4. It operates well at 7 degrees Celsius Operates best in temperature below 7 degrees Celsius.

Major Advantages of Installing All-Weather Tires on Your Vehicle

Installing all-weather tires on your vehicle can give you the following advantages:


The sort of tires you have on your car greatly impacts how it handles different road conditions. All-weather tires often have shorter stopping distances in dry conditions and may ride or handle better. They operate better on wet roads, ice, mud, and snow. All-weather tires are appropriate for those who live in areas with milder winters.

They are designed to fill the gap between all-season and winter tires. All-weather tires may be used all year and, like winter tires, feature a three-peak mountain and snowflake emblem that indicates the tire satisfies an industry-defined threshold of snow traction capability.


Depending on where you live, you can keep all-weather tires on your car all year. You won’t have to switch to full-on snow tires or buy separate summer tires. You will save money by not having to buy an extra set of tires this way. All-weather tires are a good compromise between winter and summer tires because they have deeper grooves that improve traction and durability.

All-Weather Tires Models

At Halton Auto Service & Transmission in Milton, ON, we have a wide selection of all-weather tires for almost every vehicle. Here are a few of them:

  • Michelin Cross Climate 2
  • Nokian WR G 4
  • Firestone Weather Grip
  • Vredestein Quatrac 5
  • Toyo Celsius
  • Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready
  • Nokian Encompass AW01
  • Nokian WR G4 SUV
  • Michelin Cross Climate SUV
  • Michelin Agilis Cross Climate

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